Checkup: A Simple, Self-Hosted Health Check System

How Netflix Built fast.com For Measuring Connection Speeds

How To Succeed At Failure with Microservices

Flash and Chrome: Chrome to Block Flash from Chrome 53 On

Upping your Analytics Game: The Progression from Google Analytics to Server-Side Event Tracking




RC4 Now Deprecated in Microsoft Edge and IE 11

cURL with HTTP2 Support: A Minimal Alpine-based Docker Image

Using nghttp2 to Work Around NGINX HTTP/2 Issues

Rules of Thumb for HTTP/2 Push

Scaling Rails to 125,000 Requests per Minute on Heroku

HEIST: HTTP Encrypted Information Can Be Stolen Through TCP-Windows [PDF]

Protecting Netflix Viewing Privacy at Scale

AWS Aurora vs. AWS RDS MySQL Checklist

How Containers, Microservices and AI Will Lead to the Operatorless Data Center

Miniswarm: Create and Manage a Docker Swarm Cluster in One Command

Paw: The Most Advanced HTTP Client for the Mac



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Google’s QUIC Protocol: Moving The Web From TCP to UDP

Use A Slack Bot to Deploy Your App

Common Pitfalls and Mistakes with NGINX

5 Ways to Not Mess Up Your Microservices in Production

Using A Static Site Generator at Scale: Lessons Learned

Bringing HSTS to www.google.com

A tcpdump Tutorial and Primer with Examples

One Pixel Is Worth Three Thousand Words




Windows Falls to Under 50% of Traffic to US Government Websites

Hard Drive Failure Rates: The Results from 68,813 Hard Drives

Mesos Reaches Milestone, Adds Native Docker

Terraform 0.7 Released

YouTube’s Road to HTTPS

Make Your App Fast and Scalable with NGINX Web Cache Directives

Your AWS Account Is A Mess? Learn How to Fix It

How to Setup a Highly Available Multi-AZ Cassandra Cluster on AWS EC2

Key Moments in Web Page Loading

Message Queues: The Right Way to Process and Work with Realtime Data

Why Aren’t We Using SSH for Everything?

Practical DevOps Use Case: Using GitHub, Jenkins and Docker

Building Highly Scalable IPv6-Only Cloud Hosting

Netflix’s Billing Migration to AWS

One Way to Make Containers Network: BGP

Why WordPress Doesn’t Allow SVG Uploads

LetsEncrypt Heroku: Bring SSL to Any Heroku App in Minutes

Sup: Super Simple Deployment Tool

Stresser: Node-Powered HTTP(S) Endpoint Stress Tester

s3-uploader: MacOS Electron+React App for Uploading Files to S3

RIP HTTP: A Site That Promises to Stay Plain HTTP Forever



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Performing A/B Testing with NGINX

How AWS Powered Amazon’s Biggest Day Ever

HTTPS is Hard: Moving a Major Site to HTTPS

Microservices: The Organizational and People Impact

How to Set Up Multiple Secure Sites using LXD Containers

Security-as-a-Service Startup StackPath Nabs $180M, Makes 4 Acquisitions

Load Balancing WebSocket Connections




The Creators of Pokémon Go Are Hiring Somebody to Help Them Fix The Servers

Let’s Encrypt Gets Full Support for IPv6

Electric Cloud Automates Rolling Deployments for Zero-Downtime Updates

Testing HTTP APIs With SuperTest, a Node-Powered HTTP Assertions Tool

Writing systemd Units

Designing Easily Unit Testable AWS Lambda Functions

Deploy a Highly-Available MongoDB Replica Set on AWS

Monitoring Elasticsearch at Scale

How SmartNews Built a Content Recommendation Engine on AWS

I Wanna Go Fast: HTTPS’ Massive Speed Advantage

How I Built An App with 500,000 Users in 5 Days on a $100/mo Server

The Scary Leap From SysOps to DevOps

How Twitter’s Source Code for Vine Was Obtained

Entropy/IP: Uncovering Structure in IPv6 Addresses

Economics May Drive ‘Serverless’

Kubernetes at Box: Microservices at Maximum Velocity

rktnetes Brings rkt Container Engine to Kubernetes

GitFTP-Deploy: Dead Simple FTP-Deployments for Smaller Projects

AWS API Info: A Handy Quick Lookup Reference to AWS’s APIs



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httpoxy: A Set of Vulnerabilities on CGI/CGI-like Environments

How Google does Planet-Scale Engineering for Planet-Scale Infrastructure

Real-World HTTP/2: 400GB of Images Per Day

How I Setup A Raspberry Pi 3 Cluster Using The New Docker Swarm Mode

The Story of Enabling Secure HTTP for BBC Online

A Look at Serverless Architectures

Mitigating the HTTPoxy Vulnerability with NGINX

Microsoft Invests in Fundamentally Speeding Up Networking




Why Marketers Should Care About Mobile Page Speed

etcd3: A New etcd

Has The Adoption of Containers Stalled?

Skype Finalizes Its Move to The Cloud, Ignores The Elephant in The Room

Apcera NATS Moves to Real-time Message Streaming with Persistence

Getting A Network Trace From A Single Application (on Linux)

Deploying an Elixir App to Google App Engine

From Pet to Cattle – Running Sonar on Kubernetes

Moving a Node.js app from PaaS to Kubernetes Tutorial

3 Easy Web Performance Wins for Designers

Web Performance and the Impact of SPDY, HTTP/2 and QUIC: Part 5

http2-push-detect: Lists HTTP/2 Pushes When Requesting a URL

aq: Query AWS Resources with SQL

lua-resty-auto-ssl: Let’s Encrypt SSL Reg and renewal inside OpenResty/NGINX

Biscuit: A Multi-Region HA Key-Value Store for AWS Infrastructure Secrets



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Microservices: State of the Union

Gaining Control of a .int Domain Name with DNS Trickery

Next Big Thing After Containers? Amazon CTO Talks Up Serverless Computing

SYN Flood Mitigation at GitHub with synsanity

Microservices Bliss with Docker and Traefik

A Look at AWS EFS — The Container Friendly File System

An Introduction to Kubernetes Architecture

OpsWorks CLI: The ‘Missing’ CLI for AWS OpsWorks

Deploying ELK with Docker




DigitalOcean Launches ‘Block Storage’

Four Major Technical Challenges Facing IoT Developers

How to Run Containers in Production Environments

The Life and Death of A Container

Using Zopfli to Optimize PNG Images

Using Hashicorp Vault as a PKI SSL/TLS CA

Using AWS Lambda to Verify Site Uptime

Phoenix Continuous Deployment

Improving Rails Performance with Better Background Jobs

Web and Browser Performance is More Important Than Ever

Our Nightmare on Amazon ECS

Why CloudFlare Uses The Linux Kernel’s TCP Stack

Goldilocks Microservices: How to Get Microservices ‘Just Right’

Penetration Testing Tools Cheat Sheet

Dependency CI: Continuous Testing for Your App’s Dependencies

A Tour of Codenvy’s Portable Developer Workspaces

Preview the Python Serverless Microframework for AWS



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A Whirlwind Tour Through the HTTP2 Spec

Why Do We Use The Linux Kernel’s TCP Stack?

Why Companies Adopt Microservices And How They Succeed

A Quick Guide to Choosing Infrastructure Tools

Minimum Viable DevOps

12-Factor Apps and the HashiStack

Kubecast: A Podcast About Kubernetes and Containers

The Five Styles of Workload Orchestration

Emotions and DDoS Attacks




Apache HTTP Server 2.4.23 Released

Create and Deploy a Chat Bot to AWS Lambda in 5 Minutes

Microservices Essentials for Executives: The Key to High Velocity Software Development

How AWS Came To be

Programming TCP for Responsiveness

3 Questions to Ask About DevOps Metrics and Measurements

The New Internet Domains Are A Wasteland

You’re Doing DevOps Wrong

Docker and Serverless? Buzzword Stew

aws-elk-billing: Tools for Loading and Visualizing Detailed AWS Billing with ELK

MassDNS: A High-Performance DNS Stub Resolver in C

Carp: A Statically Typed Lisp, Without A GC, for High Performance Applications



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A Guide to High Performance Browser Networking

How Facebook Live Streams to 800,000 Simultaneous Viewers

Scaling and Securing The Dropbox API

AWS Introduces Worldwide SMS Messaging Service

5 Minutes Dabbling with Docker Distributed Application Bundles (DAB)

Docker’s Plan to Dominate the Enterprise Data Center

Improved Font Loading in Webkit

Everything You Could Want to Know About The Referer Header

NGINX as a Reverse Proxy for Docker Swarm Clusters

Building Serverless Apps with Webtask.io




AWS Opens New Asia Pacific Reigion in Mumbai, India

Amazon Elastic File System – Production-Ready in 3 Regions

Creating A Scalable API with Microservices and Google Container Engine

Analyzing Network Traffic with Julia

Remote Debugging Azure Web Apps from Visual Studio

Container Monitoring: Top Docker Metrics to Watch

Intercepting SSL And HTTPS Traffic with mitmproxy and SSLsplit

Building A System That Never Stops: New Relic At Scale

Scaling Agile Development At Spotify

Rethinking When to Scale Your Servers

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) vs Sessions

5 Ways to Not Mess Up Microservices in Production

TOU: Transport-Level Protocols in User Space

ipTools: Free, Online Network Testing Tools

dockerweb: Connect A Browser to A Docker Container

Passive TCP/IP Geo-Location Demo



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Falco: An Open Source, Behavioral Security Monitoring Tool

The Hidden Dividends of Microservices

NGINX’s Amplify Monitoring Tool Now in Public Beta

Announcing the Docker for Mac and Windows Public Beta

The Image Optimization Technology That Serves Millions of Requests Per Day

Unikernels Will Create More Security Problems Than They Solve

An Update on Let’s Encrypt’s Progress Towards 100% HTTPS

A Look at Serverless Architectures

No WebSockets Over HTTP/2




Introducing the Docker for AWS and Azure Beta

Microsoft Brings Container Innovation to the Enterprise at DockerCon 2016

Google Launches AMP Validator Web Tool

AMP Leads to Growth in Return Visitors for Washington Post

How Netflix Migrated Its Billing System to Be 100% AWS Cloud-Native

Using libcloud: A Unified API for Cloud Providers

Using EC2 On-Demand with Jenkins

One Command Static Website Setup on AWS S3

How to Get Free SSL For Any WordPress Website

Monitoring and Tuning the Linux Networking Stack: Receiving Data

The Children’s Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes

My First 10 Minutes On a Server: A Primer for Securing Ubuntu

Zero Downtime Deployment with a Database

Stop Using JWT for Sessions

The Great DevOps Train Wreck is About to Crash into Your Data Center

S3 Server: An AWS S3 Server Implementation in Node

Building an APT (Package) Transport for S3



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NGINX and Supporting HTTP/2 for Google Chrome Users

Optimizing TLS Over TCP to Reduce Latency

What’s This ‘Serverless’ Thing Anyway?

AWS Is Inappropriate for Small Startups Because..

GitHub Pages Gains HTTPS/SSL Support

A Little Story about Amazon ECS, systemd, and Chaos Monkey

Experiences of Running an Online Game for 3 Years

Heroku Introduces ‘Teams’ for Better Collaboration




The Present State of Container Orchestration

New Book: ‘The Art of Monitoring’

6 Tips and Tricks for AWS Command-Line Ninjas

Performance Observer: Efficient Access to Performance Data

Writing Tests for Docker Images

Distributing Docker Cache across Hosts

How To Scale SSL with HAProxy and Nginx

How to Build and Deploy A Facebook Messenger Bot with Python and Flask

Faster Rendering on the Web

Our Web Obesity Epidemic

aws-amicleaner: Clean Up Your Old Unused AMI and Related Snapshots

A Script to Force OS X to Flush its DNS Cache

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express in a Docker Container

htconvert: Convert .htaccess Redirects to nginx.conf Redirects

Quiet-lwip: For TCP and UDP Connections Over Sound

fuzzy-dns: A Simple DNS Server to Tolerate Typos in Subdomains

Delivering Microservices for Enterprise with DevOps

Serverless Data Sync in Webapps with BitTorrent



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9 Lessons Learnt Scaling To Handle 21,875,000 Requests Per Hour

How The Internet Works: Submarine Fiber and Coaxial Cables

External API Caching with Varnish and NGINX

MongoDB Queries Don’t Always Return All Matching Documents

Abusing Privileged and Unprivileged Linux Containers

The End of the Router?




HTTP/2 Server H2O Hits Version 2.0.0

Salesforce’s Data Centre Team ‘Fought’ AWS Cloud Outsourcing

Ads on AMP: Where Faster is Better

Scaleway Ramping Up to 10,000 New Bare-Metal Servers Per Month

Scaling NSQ to 750 Billion Messages

Scalable Live Video Streaming with NGINX Plus and BITMOVIN

AWS Tip: Save S3 Costs with Abort Multipart Lifecycle Policy

Using Amazon Auto Scaling with Stateful Applications

Clickbait And Traffic Laundering: How Ad Tech Is Destroying The Web

Battle of The Dashboards: Datadog vs SignalFX vs New Relic vs Wavefront

How DevOps is Killing QA

hellcat: A ‘netcat’ That Takes Unfair Advantage of Traffic Shaping Systems

An HTTPS Checker Tool For Mixed Content Issues

A Docker Container To Capture All Traffic From Host

Browser Calories: An Extension to Measure Page Weight

Torus: A Modern Distributed Storage System by CoreOS

Gordon: Create, Wire and Deploy AWS Lambdas using CloudFormation

A Docker Container with a SFTP Server with Randomized Password



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