Where the Database Market Goes From Here

Knuckleball: A New Data Structure Server

SQLite 3.14 Released: Now Supports CSV Virtual Tables

What Do The Olympics, Euro 2016, and Databases Have In Common?

Ephemeral Databases with ZFS

Sqlectron: A Simple SQL Desktop Client for Multiple Databases





Open Source Tool ‘Rethinks’ Databases

A ‘Simple Moving Objects’ Database with Postgres

Sharding A Multi-Tenant App with Postgres

23 Useful Elasticsearch Example Queries

Triggers in a .NET NoSQL Database

ZeroDB Provides Security for Enterprise Big Data in the Cloud

Realtime Data Processing at Facebook

AWS Aurora vs. AWS RDS MySQL Checklist

Why Most Programmers Get Pagination Wrong

Concurrency Behavior: MongoDB vs. Couchbase

MaxScale: An Intelligent Database Proxy

eclairjs-nashorn: JavaScript API for Apache Spark



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Noms: A Versioned, Forkable, Syncable Database

On Uber’s Choice of Databases

Using AI to Build A Comprehensive Database of Knowledge

Introduction to SQL Server Stretch Database

gh-ost: GitHub’s Online Schema Migration Tool for MySQL

Tips for Starting With AWS Redshift





PostgreSQL 10 Development Kicks Off

RavenDB 3.5 Release Candidate Available

Navigating The World of Modern Data Stores and NoSQL

Apache Flink Gears Up for Emerging Stream Processing Paradigm

Apache Kudu: A Fast Columnar Data Store for Hadoop

New Release of dbbench Streamlines Database Workload Testing

Azure SQL Database New Premium Performance Level P15 Generally Available

How to Setup a Highly Available Multi-AZ Cassandra Cluster on AWS EC2

The Guts N’ Glory of Database Internals: Merging Transactions

A Basic Introduction to MongoDB

Automating NoSQL Database Builds

Generating Recommendations at Amazon Scale with Apache Spark and Amazon DSSTNE

How to Steal Any Developer’s Local Database

Introduction to Distributed Computing Engines for Data Processing

Big Data Acronyms and Abbreviations Every Data Pro Should Know

6 Points to Compare Python and Scala for Data Science using Apache Spark

8 Ways To Be Successful With Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Introducing Tgres: A Postgres-Based Time Series DB

Shift: An App to Run Online Schema MySQL Migrations

apgdiff: Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool



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Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL

‘Amazon RDS SQL Server Just Changed Everything.’

Democratizing Databases

Real-World Redis Tips

It’s The Data, Stupid: Why Database Admins Are More Important Than Ever

Apache Spark 2.0 Released




Amazon Elasticsearch Service Now Supports Elasticsearch 2.3

A Complete List of New Features in MySQL 5.7

Creating Ranked Position Time Series with SQL

How to Deploy a Highly-Available MongoDB Replica Set on AWS

5 Ways to Improve Performance of Spark Applications

How Adding a UNIQUE Constraint on a One-to-One Relationship Helps Performance

How to Build An iOS Application with SQLite and GRDB.swift

Rolling Retention Done Right in SQL

PostgreSQL, Backups and Everything You Need to Know

The Road to CouchDB 2.0

3 Tips for Selecting The Right Database for Your App

Why We Chose Aerospike Over Other Databases

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Cron to Schedule Your MapReduce and Spark Jobs

Splitting ACID: Towards RISC-Style Database Systems

A Postgres Perspective on MongoDB

Graph Databases: Dataflow vs. Traditional Models

Deform.io: A Very Simple Database-as-a-Service

Fieldtop: Finds Near-Overflow Columns in MySQL Databases



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Is Logical Data Modeling Obsolete?

3 NoSQL Databases You’ve Never Heard Of

How SmartNews Built a Content Recommendation Engine on AWS

Charting Neo4j 3.0

Using SQL to Monitor a PostgreSQL Database

Our Journey From Graph Databases to PostgreSQL

BuntDB: Embeddable, In-Memory Key/Value Database in Go

Writing More Legible SQL

Redis Labs Raises $14M for Its In-Memory NoSQL Database Services




9 Ways Retailers Are Using Big Data and Hadoop

Building a Better Pokédex with SQL

How to Know if a Given Index Can be Dropped on an Oracle Database

Inheritance: One More Reason to Love PostgreSQL

Tuning MySQL: my.cnf, Avoid This Common Pitfall

Anatomy of an Elasticsearch Cluster: Part II

Distributed Deep Learning on Spark

Supercharging Apache Spark with Flash and NoSQL

OhgodnoSQL: How Not To Do ‘NoSQL on SQL’

Migrating Adbrain’s Apache Spark Jobs From HDFS to Amazon S3: How We Did It

Optimizing DISTINCT Performance in Postgres

How Cassandra’s Inner Workings Relate to Performance

Getting Started with MongoDB: How to Turn a Calculated Risk into a Big Success

Battle of Open Source Analytics: Spark vs Drill vs Quasar

PowerUpSQL: A PowerShell Toolkit for Attacking SQL Server

JCQL: Java Code Linting with SQL



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Modeling Polymorphic Associations in a Relational Database

A Beginner’s Guide to Thinking in SQL

DBSherlock: A Performance Diagnostic Tool for Transactional Databases

1.1 Billion Taxi Rides with MapD and 4 NVIDIA Titan Xs

How to Model Human Relationships

Faster PostgreSQL Searches with Trigrams

How to Build Your Own Semantic Search Engine

Comparing Data Structures For Storage on Disk





Secrets of the Data Whisperer

Citus Cloud Now Generally Available

AWS Database Migration Service Now Supports Continuous Data Replication

MongoDB Security Basics For Your Deployments in AWS

Understanding Database Multitenancy

A Speed Guide To Redis Lua Scripting

Is Datomic the Sequel to SQL?

SnappyData: A Hybrid Transactional Analytical Store Built On Spark

aq: Query AWS Resources with SQL



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Reindexing 36bn Documents in 5 Days on an Elasticsearch Cluster

All About Indexes: The Very Basics

Say No to Venn Diagrams When Explaining JOINs

MySQL 8.0 to Be the Next Major Release of MySQL

Kueri: A Natural Language Interface to SQL

Redis-Commander: A Webapp for Managing a Redis Database




InfluxDB Tops Cassandra in Time-Series Data and Metrics Benchmark

Reindexing Elasticsearch with Zero Downtime

Implementing a Neural Network in SQL

Autoscaling MySQL for Massive Datasets

Building WePay’s Data Warehouse using BigQuery and Airflow

Finding and Killing Long Running Queries On PostgreSQL

The Evolution of Apache Spark: Journey of Spark in 1.x Series

Introduction to Spark 2.0

An Interview about RavenDB on the NoSQL Podcast

A Full Comparison of Redshift and BigQuery

Thinking in SQL vs Thinking in Python

The Performance Characteristics of MySQL on Docker

SparkADMM: A Massively-Parallel Framework for Solving Big Data Problems

EclairJS: Access Apache Spark from Node.js



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Analyzing the Graph of Thrones with Neo4j

Before You Start Drawing: Database Modeling Tips

MongoDB Launches Atlas, Its New Database-as-a-Service

A Practical Introduction to RethinkDB

Couchbase Server 4.5 Released




PostgreSQL 9.6 Beta 2 Released

Crunchy Data Container Suite Packages PostgresSQL

Apache Kudu in 5 Minutes

Feature Analysis with Mean-Time-Between-Usage Calculation in SQL

Apache Cassandra 3.x and Materialized Views

Understanding Database Durability with Hard Disks

How to Map and Reindex Elasticsearch Data

Creating a MongoDB Replica Set using Docker

Anatomy of an Elasticsearch Cluster: Part I

8 Tips for Achieving ROI with Your Data Lake

RethinkDB 2.1.5 Performance and Scalability

Why Is Oracle Losing Ground?

Solr vs Elasticsearch for Relevancy: Battle of the Query DSLs

On Kinds of Keys: Natural, Primary and Surrogate; and the NoSQL Illusion

Why You Should Use Postgres Over MySQL for Analytics Purposes

SnappyData, MemSQL-Spark & Cassandra-Spark: A Performance Benchmark

The NoSQL Tech Behind Vivint’s Smart Home



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ElasticSearch At Petabyte Scale on AWS

NoSQL Data Stores in Research and Practice

Bleve: A Full Text Search Database in Go

Aleph: A Redshift Data Analysis App

ArangoDB 3.0 Released




PostgreSQL 9.6 Beta 2 Released

SQL Server Now Running on Linux, in a Docker Container

Realtime App Development with RethinkDB and React Native

2 Strategies for Faceted Search with Elasticsearch

Working with Timestamps and Time Zones in PostgreSQL

We’re Happy with SQLite & Not Urgently Interested in A Fancier DBMS

On Why RavenDB Is Written in C#

Picking SQL or NoSQL? – A Compose View

Avoid These Five Big Data Governance Mistakes

Learn SQL Online – A Curated List of Courses

redis-tdigest: A Rank-Based Statistics Data Structure Module for Redis

Jedipus: Redis 3.2+ Java 8 Client & Command Executor



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ClickHouse: Open-Source Distributed Column-Oriented DBMS

pickaxe: An SQL-Based DSL Web Scraper/Screen Scraper

Elasticsearch-Based Image Search using RGB Signatures

The Guts n’ Glory of Database Internals: B+Tree

VisualAlchemist: A Web-Based Database Diagramming Tool

PostgreSQL Exercises

10 Reasons to Migrate to MariaDB (If Still using MySQL)




PGDay UK 2016 (London, July 5)

MemSQL Introduces New Enterprise Security Capabilities

SQL Server 2016 Developer Image Now in The Azure Gallery

How to Lock Down Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash and Maintain Security

An Introduction to Data Models for MMO Games

Advanced MySQL Basics

Scaling Out MySQL with PostgreSQL and Citus

Copying Data from Postgres to Redshift

Efficient Color Similarity Searching with Postgres

PG Casts: Postgres Screencasts

What If Apache Spark Was Also The Database?

Is Spark Overhyped?

Why SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Still Exist

pg_view: Get A Detailed, Real-time View of Your PostgreSQL Database and System Metrics

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express in a Docker Container



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Why Spark Is On Fire: A Conversation with Creator Matei Zaharia

MongoDB Queries Don’t Always Return All Matching Documents

Why Some of The Fastest Growing DBs Are Also The Most Experimental

Google BigQuery Gets Beta Standard SQL Support

Correlated Subqueries Are Evil and Slow. Or Are They?

Planning A Simple Online Store Data Model

5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Working with Databases

5 Reasons You Should Use SQLite in 2016

Using Spark for Anomaly (Fraud) Detection




Microsoft Announces Major Commitment to Apache Spark

Apache Spark Adoption by the Numbers

Hadoop 3 Poised to Boost Storage Capacity, Resilience with Erasure Coding

Proposing a ‘Stream’ Data Type for Redis

Apache Cassandra 3.6 Released

Spark Makes Inroads into NoSQL Ecosystem

Calculating Distance Between Points on a Globe with SQL

Calculating Common Salesforce Reports in SQL

Packet Capturing MySQL with Rust

19 Resources for Learning About Database Design Errors

Postgres 9.6 New Features with Examples (PDF)

Beverly Hills 90210 and ZIP+4: Handling Addresses in Data Models

miniDBA Desktop: A Free Dashboard Tool for SQL Server

Introducing the Neo4j 3.0 Apache Spark Connector

rpgffi: Create Postgres Extensions in Rust



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