IDEs are Moving to the Cloud

What’s This ‘Serverless’ Thing Anyway?

The 10 Coolest Cloud Development Startups Of 2016 (So Far)

Next Big Thing After Containers? Amazon CTO Talks Up Serverless Computing

Amazon Acquires Cloud Developer Tools Company Cloud9

How AWS Powered Amazon’s Biggest Day Ever

LetsEncrypt Heroku: Bring SSL to Any Heroku App in Minutes

ElasticSearch At Petabyte Scale on AWS

A Little Story about Amazon ECS, systemd, and Chaos Monkey


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Skype Finalizes Its Move to The Cloud, Ignores The Elephant in The Room

Amazon Elasticsearch Service Now Supports Elasticsearch 2.3

Your AWS Account Is A Mess? Learn How to Fix It

One Command Static Website Setup on AWS S3

How to Setup a Highly Available Multi-AZ Cassandra Cluster on AWS EC2

Using libcloud: A Unified API for Cloud Providers

How to Build a REST API with AWS SimpleDB and Node.js

6 Tips and Tricks for AWS Command-Line Ninjas

How Netflix Migrated Its Billing System to Be 100% AWS Cloud-Native

How SmartNews Built a Content Recommendation Engine on AWS

Why We Moved From Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud Platform

aq: Query AWS Resources with SQL

AWS API Info: A Handy Quick Lookup Reference to AWS’s APIs

aws-amicleaner: Clean Up Your Old Unused AMI and Related Snapshots

s3-uploader: MacOS Electron+React App for Uploading Files to S3



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Heroku Announces Free SSL Beta and Flexible Dyno Hours

HyperDev: A Node-Powered Rapid Online Development Environment

Market Map for Container Technologies [PDF]

Google BigQuery Gets Beta Standard SQL Support

AWS Unveils ‘X1’ Instances for EC2 with 2TB RAM

lambda-comments: Use AWS Lambda to Host Your Blog’s Comments

Ruby on Google App Engine Goes Beta

Go on the Cloud with Andrew Gerrand and Chris Broadfoot


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Introducing Google Container Engine ‘Node Pools’

From SQL to Microservices: Integrating AWS Lambda with Relational Databases

Save on S3 Costs with an Abort Multipart Lifecycle Policy

Getting Started with LXC On A Scaleway Cloud Server

Running Go on a Chromebook in Dev Mode (without Installing Linux)

Using Amazon Auto Scaling with Stateful Applications

Deploying Django + Python 3 + PostgreSQL to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

How to Move From Amazon RDS to A Dedicated PostgreSQL Server

AWS vs, Why One Company Left AWS

The AWS Tax and the Innovator’s Dilemma

AWS Fuzzy Finder: SSH Into EC2 Instances using Fuzzy Search

Gordon: Create, Wire and Deploy AWS Lambdas using CloudFormation



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IBM Launches Quantum Computing As A Cloud service

ServerlessConf: A Conference for Lambda / Serverless Architectures

How to Scale Down Gracefully with AWS Lambda and HAProxy

Release Notes: Eclipse Che and Codenvy 4.2.0

Getting Towards Real Sandbox Containers

Postgres 9.5 Now The Default on Heroku

Heroku Review Apps Now Generally Available

Best Practice for HTTP2 Front-End Deployments


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Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports 9.5

Citus Launches New Postgres Database As A Cloud Service

Empty DDoS Threats: Meet the Armada Collective

Using NGINX on Heroku to Serve Single Page Apps and Avoid CORS

Automatic Replacement of Autoscaling Nodes with Equivalent Spot Instances

How to Avoid Storing Security Credentials On GitHub

Building Enterprise Level Apps on AWS Lambda with the DEEP Framework

Codeless API Reshaping with AWS API Gateway

How to Avoid Storing Security Credentials On GitHub

Zombies Eating Your AWS Bill?

AWS Device Farm: Remote Access to Devices for Interactive Testing



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Building Enterprise Level Webapps on Lambda with DEEP

Azure Functions: An Event Driven, Compute-on-Demand Experience

Managed Cloud Services ‘Killed’ DevOps

All-New Codenvy Developer Workspaces Now Available

Gone in Six Characters: Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services

Deploy Your Own REST API in 30 Mins Using mLabs and Heroku

How to Manage AWS EC2 SSH Access with IAM

Amazon Cloud Has 1M Users and Near $10B in Annual Sales

AWS Networking, Environments and You

Libretto: Create Virtual Machines On Any Cloud Platform


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ContainerShip Raises $2M Seed Round for Its Cloud Automation Platform

Node.js 4.3.2 Runtime Now Available on Lambda

Book Review: Amazon Web Services in Action

Google Stackdriver: Unified Monitoring and Logging for GCP and AWS

AWS Schema Conversion Tool Supports Conversions Between MySQL and PostgreSQL

Monster Machines, The World’s Largest Cloud GPU Instances On AWS

Inside the Panama Papers: How Cloud Analytics Made It All Possible

GoDaddy Launches AWS-Style Servers and Apps

Analyzing A Billion Taxi Rides with Google’s BigQuery

Building a Dynamic DNS for Route 53 using CloudWatch Events and Lambda

How to Load Billions of JSON Events Into Amazon Redshift using Go and Kafka

Uploading, Resizing and Serving Images with Google Cloud Platform

The Trouble with CloudFlare

AWS Lambda: A Few Years of Advancement and We’re Back to Stored Procedures

Pilot53: Automatic DNS for EC2 Instances on Route53

SSH2EC2: Connect to Instances using Tags and Metadata, Not Hostnames



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The AWS Cloud Turns 10 Years Old

AWS Database Migration Service

Eclipse: The Evolution and Future of IDEs

How to Deploy Your Slack Bots to Heroku Easy Comparison of Amazon EC2 Instance Types

Chaos Llama: A Tool for Resilience Testing of AWS Architectures

Codenvy and MS Collaborate to Make Agile Development Continuous

400Gbps: A Winter of Whopping DDoS Attacks

Scaleway C2’s ‘Insanely Affordable’ x86-64 Servers

A Serverless REST API in Minutes with the Serverless Framework


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How Heroku Simulates Third-Party Downtime

Google Shares Software Network Load Balancer Design Powering GCP Networking

The Micro Manual to Hosting a Static Website on AWS

t2.nano EC2 Instances Now Available in EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Microsoft Announces SQL Server for Linux

Researchers Achieve Fastest Ever Data Transmission at 1.125 Tbps

Google Nabs Apple As A Cloud Customer

Scoping AWS IAM Roles to Docker Containers

The Complete Guide to HTTP/2 with HAProxy and Nginx

How to Set Up Mutual TLS Authentication

6 Key Considerations When Migrating to AWS

Using S3 as a Storage Back-End

Serverless Slackbots Powered by AWS



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Claudia.js: Deploy Node.js Microservices to AWS

Going from Heroku to AWS with Convox

Five Online Database Modelling Services

The Magic that is Codenvy

Using The Biggest Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure’s Cloud

Project Dino: Large-Scale Load Testing With AWS Lambda

Advice on Moving A Datacenter to AWS

Amazon RDS Now Supports MySQL 5.7


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Amazon Sold $2.4 Billion in Cloud Services Last Quarter

Heroku Embraces CI/CD by Automating Staging on GitHub

How to Use AWS Lambda for Cheap S3 Content Processing

Getting Started with Kubernetes and AWS

How to Access Amazon DynamoDB with Ruby

How to Run Ruby Scripts On AWS Lambda using Ansible

How to Report Node.js Errors From AWS Lambda

Writing AWS Lambda Functions in Clojure

Four Things to Do as Soon as You Sign up for AWS

10 Things to Avoid in Docker Containers

AWS Lambda Microservices Architecture for Node



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Netflix Completes Its Migration To The Cloud

Google Quietly Launches Its Answer to AWS Lambda

Heroku Pipelines Emerges from Beta

How to Separate Your AWS Production and Dev Accounts

Announcing the Beta of Eclipse Che

Automated, Heroku-like Deployments with Docker and Drone

How to Configure Rate-Based Blacklisting with AWS WAF and AWS Lambda

BigQuery Under The Hood

Adventures in High Speed Networking on Azure


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AWS Lambda: A Guide to Serverless Microservices

Amazon RDS Now Supports Sharing Encrypted Database Snapshots with Other AWS Accounts

Tips for Scaling Your Application on AWS

How Cloud Platforms Will Evolve Programming Languages and Runtime Models

3 Reasons AWS Lambda Is Not Ready for Prime Time

CloudFlare’s Impact On The HTTP/2 ‘Universe’

How Long Can AWS Keep Climbing Its Steep Growth Curve?

git-s3-push: Deploy A Git Repo to an S3 Bucket

AWS Latency Tool: Find The Fastest AWS Region From Your Location

Pixel Art to CSS Tool Push From Your Favorite Cloud IDE Straight to The Web



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Free SSL With Amazon’s AWS Certificate Manager

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Survival Guide: Introduction

Announcing the Beta of Eclipse Che

Analyzing A Million Songs on AWS Redshift

Heroku Private Spaces Now Generally Available

OneOps: A Multi-Cloud App Lifecycle Management Platform

Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator

1 to 1000 – Scaling a Rails App on Heroku

Get Alerts for Expiring SSL Certificates


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Apex Makes AWS Lambda Easy Peasy for Programmers

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Heroku Now Generally Available

Codenvy Unveils New Homepage

Parsing 10TB of Metadata, 26M Domain Names and 1.4M SSL Certs for $10 on AWS

MySQL to Amazon Redshift Replication: A How-To Guide

Using AWS Aurora (Amazon’s MySQL-Compatible Database)

You Are Most Likely Misusing Docker

Google Is Winning The Cloud Pricing and Performance War

Top 11 AWS IAM Best Practices

Use Google For Throughput, Amazon And Azure For Low Latency



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The Chromebook, for Web Developers

AWS Launches Scheduled Reserved Instances

Here’s Postgres 9.5: Now Available on Heroku

How Containers Are Disrupting Devops

Microsoft Drops Prices For Some Azure Instances By Up To 17%

The One Cent Blog

Dear GitHub, An Open Letter

A Beginner’s Guide to Scaling to 11 Million+ Users on Amazon’s AWS

Hiring a Cloud Engineer? Questions to Ask and What You Should Hear

Writing AWS Lambda Functions in Go

Is Platform as a Service (PaaS) Dead?

Slack Integration Blueprints for AWS Lambda


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Amazon EC2 Container Service Now Supports Docker 1.9

VMware’s Five Key Cloud-Native Computing Investments

New CloudWatch Events – Track and Respond to Changes to Your AWS Resources

Security Monkey: An AWS Policy Change Monitor and Alert Tool

hackIDE: A Simple Online Code Editor, Compiler and Interpreter



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AWS S3 vs Google Cloud vs Azure for Cloud Storage Performance

DTBS: Database Design and Visualization

What Are The Best Cloud IDEs? Codeanywhere vs Cloud9 vs Codenvy

Disrupting DevOps: A Market Map of the Container Ecosystem The World’s Most Simple Monitoring Service

aws-shell: An Integrated Shell for Working with the AWS CLI

Now Open – AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region

How Mozilla’s EC2 Usage Got 15X Cheaper in 8 Months

How to Install the ELK Stack on AWS

Setting Up a Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on Amazon CloudFront


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Here’s Postgres 9.5: Now Available on Heroku

Gzip Compression Support for Amazon CloudFront

EC2 Price Reduction on C4, M4, and R3 Instances

Getting Started with Kubernetes on Google Container Engine

Building An ElasticSearch Cluster in AWS with Packer and Terraform

Why It’s Harder to Forge A SHA-1 Certificate Than It Is to Find A SHA-1 Collision

Using WebPageTest with Authenticated Pages

Using AWS Lambda Functions to Create Print Ready Files

apex: Minimal AWS Lambda Function Manager with Go Support

Docker Nginxify: Automates Exposing Docker Containers via NGINX



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