HyperDev: A Node-Powered Rapid Online Development Environment

V8, Modern JavaScript, and Beyond

The npm Registry Gets ‘Hooks’

Learn Docker by Building a Microservice (in Node)

How to Get Node.js Logging Right

How to Create Desktop Apps with Electron


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Nodal 0.11.0 Released

Node.js Interactive Europe 2016 (Amsterdam, Sep 15-16)

How To Install Node.js on Ubuntu 16.04

A Very Basic Introduction to Using Clusters

jxa: Access OS X JS for Automation APIs from Node

Xeon: A npm-based Module Loader for Bash Scripts

google-play-keywords: Tools for Google Play App Store Optimization

Mock Node: A Configurable Mock Server (for HTTP APIs)

text-watermark: Image Watermarking Library for Node

Deco: An IDE for React Native, Written in Node



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Publishing Your First Package to npm

v8_inspector Support Being Added to Node

Node.js Authentication using Passport.js

QuorraJS: A Node MVC Framework Inspired by Laravel

Using SQLite with Node for Rapid Prototyping

Node v4.4.5 (LTS) Released


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NodeConf Argentina: Call for Speakers is Open

Did you know npm has an ‘isntall’ command?

Introducing Polybit: Build, Deploy and Scale your Node.js APIs

npm for Bitbucket 2.0: Now with Private Packages

Effective Health Checks in Node

Why Aligning Statements Will ‘Haunt’ You

A Git Hook to ‘npm install’ if package.json is Modified

ALM: An Open Source Web-Based IDE for TypeScript

How to Not ‘Shoot Yourself in The Foot’ Using ‘npm publish’

Headless GL: Create WebGL Contexts from Node

A Code Coverage Instrumentation Plugin for Babel

node-libcurl: Bindings for libcurl, based on the work from node-curl

mailgen: Generate Clean, Responsive Transactional Emails from Node

node-sqlite: SQLite Client Library with Built-In SQL-Based Migrations

lightgallery: A Modern Desktop Image Viewer Built with Node



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12 Videos from Node Conf London 2016

Horizon 1.0: A Realtime, Open-Source JS Backend

Node v6.2.0 Released

Anatine: A Twitter Desktop App Built with Electron

How the Node Project Works (video)

Node.js Releases: How Do They Work? (video)

Lever OS: A New ‘Open-Source Serverless Platform’


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Meteor 1.4 to Use Node 4

F5 Networks Fuses Node.js with Load Balancing for Workflow Orchestration

A Guide to Automated npm Publishing and GitHub Pushing using Heroku

Setting up Node.js on Windows 10

How to Build a Slackbot in Node.js

The Reactive Web Stack: 3RES – React, Redux, RethinkDB, Express,

npmgitdev: An npm Wrapper Allowing Real Live Git Repos to Be Cloned Into node_modules

Lerna: A Tool for Managing JavaScript Projects with Multiple Packages

Who Put This JavaScript in My COBOL? node.cobol, That’s Who

Docker and Node.js Boilerplate

pg-promise: An Advanced Access Layer to PostgreSQL via Promises

fast-cli: Test Your Download Speed using Netflix’s

Expressa: A Data-Driven API Framework/CMS for Node

is-fqdn: Check If A String Represents A Fully Qualified Domain Name

Panther: A Full-Stack React/Redux App using Spotify API to Make Music Suggestions



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Nodecasts: Quality Node.js Screencasts

Node.js Project Structure Tutorial

Node Devs, What Does Your Web Stack Look Like?

Mitigating ImageMagick Vulnerabilities in Node

Bozon: Bootstrap, Build & Package Electron Apps

Use AWS Lambda to Host Blog Comments

Build Your Own Custom SlackBot with Node


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NodeConf Budapest Call For Papers Now Open

Nodal 0.10 Released: New Core, Async Validations, and more

Node.js on a Satellite Means Anyone Can Be A Space Programmer

Better Node with ES6, Part 1

Using Private Git Repos As NPM Modules

How to Build and Publish ES6 Modules Today, with Babel and Rollup

What Is Promise.try, and Why Does It Matter?

How to Integrate A Node and React App with Xero Accounting Software

Checklist: 12 Best Practices for Node Error Handling –

Background Tasks in Node.js: A Survey with Redis

Node Process Load Balancing: Comparing cluster, iptables and NGINX

Node.js is a Salad Bar

UniK: Compile Node.js Apps to Unikernels

npm-as: Run npm As A Certain User

args: Minimal Toolkit for Building CLIs

uniqid: A Unique Hexatridecimal ID Generator

Klyng: A Message-Passing Distributed Computing Framework for Node

captionbot: Recognizes and Captions Images

Express.js TypeScript Starter: An Express.js Project Implemented using TypeScript

bwip-js: Barcode Generator Supporting Over 90 Barcode Standards



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Node v6.1.0, v5.11.1 and v4.4.4 Released

Test Driven Development with Node, Postgres, and Knex

See A Tree of Your Express App’s Routes & Middleware

Node, npm, and Service Oriented Architecture

Mailtrain: A Self Hosted Email Newsletter App

The V8 Engine Looks to ES6, ES7, and Beyond



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Node.js Live in Beijing, China (May 21)

Red Hat Ditches Effort to Port Node.js to Java

Mostly Node: A New Every-Other-Week Node Podcast

Debugging Node Apps using Core Dumps

Faster Tests for Multi-Node Code with ES6 and Babel

How to Make HTTP Requests in Node with the Request Module

Node.js Enterprise Conversations: Charlie Robbins, GoDaddy

Controlling an Ableton Push 2 with Node.js

Studio.js: A Microservices Framework for Node

node-posix: The Missing POSIX System Calls for Node

Telebot: The Easy Way to Write Telegram Bots in Node

Superchild: A Smarter Replacement for fork() and spawn()

execa: A Better ‘child_process’



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Node.js v6.0 Released – 93% of ES6 Features Supported

Yakbak: Record & Playback HTTP Interactions in Node

What’s New in Node v6?

In Defense of .js: A Proposal for Node.js Modules

Using Closures Efficiently to Avoid Memory Leaks

A Table of Node ES2015/ES6 Support by Version

How Many npm Users Are There?


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NodeConf London 2016 – May 11th, 2016

Node v5.11.0 (Stable) Released

Breaking Changes Between Node v5 and v6

The New Node.js Loads Modules 4x Faster

Working with MySQL in Node

A Brief Guide to Writing Cross-Platform Node

microgen: A Micro-Generator for Individual Files

grunt-phantasmine: Grunt Plugin to Run Jasmine Unit Tests inside PhantomJS

Breadboard: An Inversion of Control Container for Node Apps

JPEG-AutoRotate: Rotate JPEG Images Based on EXIF Orientation Data

class-private-method-decorator: Private Methods in an ES6 Class using An ES7 Decorator

deadunit: A ‘Dead Simple’ Nestable Unit Testing Library



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strman: A String Manipulation Library Without Dependencies

Autochecker: Test Your Modules in All Node Versions

Automated CI Setup for No Downtime App Deployment

Deploying Resilient Node.js Apps with Forever and Nginx

How Node.js Created A Model Open Source Community

Massive 2.0: Postgres-based Data Access Tool for Node


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NodeConf Adventure 2016: Marin County, CA – June 9-12

NodeUp Node.js Podcast Reaches 100th Episode

What Would You Like to See at Node.js Interactive 2016?

Visualizing Real-Time Arduino Sensors With Johnny-Five and EON.js

Speeding Up npm in Virtual Environments with npmserve

How to Create a Blog with Hexo on Ubuntu

Angular 2 Authentication with Auth0 and Node

Defeating The npm ‘Worm’

Creating Your First Node.js HTTP Server

Tracy Hinds on Bringing Node.js to the People

Auto SNI: Free, Automated HTTPS for Node Made Easy

EclairJS: A JavaScript Client for Apache Spark



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A Look at the Node.js Foundation’s Survey Results

µWebSockets: Highly Efficient WebSocket Server Library

Scripty: Easily Organize npm Scripts into Separate Files

Node v4.4.3 (LTS) Released

Using the Facebook Messenger Platform from Node

Node.js 4.3.2 Runtime Now Available on Lambda


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AWS Lambda Now Supports Node.js 4.3

NodeConf Argentina: November 18-19 in Buenos Aires

NodeSource Announces $10 Million Series A Funding

Run npm Enterprise On AWS with Just A Few Clicks

Deploy a REST API in 30 Mins Using mLabs and Heroku

Adding Social Sharing in a Node.js Single-Page Application

How to Validate User Input in A NoSQL Web Application

Web Crawling with Node, PhantomJS and Horseman

Stranger Danger: Addressing the Security Risk in NPM Dependencies

Tips for Writing Better Quality Node Apps

Minty.js: See Your App’s Variables’ State Line-by-Line

What is Bot Builder for Node.js?

js-mind: A Deep Learning Library Written in ES2015

Shaven: DOM Building Utility and Template Engine Based Upon JsonML

node-fb-messenger: Facebook Messenger Platform API Wrapper for Node




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Now: The Fastest Way to Deploy A Node Service

You Don’t Know Node: A Quick Intro to Core Features

Ember FastBoot: Runs Your Ember App on Node First

ndu: Visualize Your Node App’s Disk Space Usage

Node v5.10.0 and v5.10.1 (Stable) Released

npm-check: Check for Outdated, Unused Dependencies

Inquirer.js 1.0: Common Interactive CLI Components

The npm Registry Is Now Fully HTTPS


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Node v0.10.44 (Maintenance) Released

Node v4.4.2 (LTS) Released

Nodal 0.9 Released: Now with Built-In Cloud Deployment for your APIs

Practice Makes Regexp: A Live Q+A on Regular Expressions

Understanding Async Programming in Node.js

Declarative Dependencies for Unit Testing Node.js Services

How to Dockerize Your Node Application

Upload Files to a Node App from Angular 2

Creating Desktop Apps with Electron

middl: A Generic Middleware Library

cli-spinners: 50+ Progress Spinners for Use in the Terminal

assert-request: Assert Responses to HTTP Requests

unordered-array-remove: Remove An Element From An Array Without A Splice



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Key Changes to npm’s Unpublish Policy

Build a Chat Bot in 10 Minutes with Node

Feathers: A Minimalist Real-Time Framework

CMND: Easily Create A Node Command Line Utility using ES6

How to Implement Access Control in Node

Everything Stays: Immutable, Distributed Modules

Is left-pad Indicative of a Fragile JavaScript Ecosystem?

An npm Package Install Script Vulnerability


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On ‘Dependency Squatter’ Packages

Meteor JavaScript Framework Moves to NPM

Google Joins The Node.js Foundation

Building an Expense Tracking App with Electron and React

A Quick Guide To Reading Node.js Core Source

Building A Web Application with Node and Typescript

The Unbelievable History of the Express Framework

Making The Switch From Node.js to Golang

The npm Meltdown Uncovers Serious Security Risks

canibekikked: Check If Your NPM Repository Names Are Trademarked

hotel: Local .dev Domains for Multiple Local Dev Apps

KeystoneJS: Node CMS and Webapp Framework using Express and Mongoose

urlite: Small, Fast, Dependency-Free URL Parser and Formatter

mocha-http-detect: Detect HTTP Requests in Your Mocha Test Suites



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