SQL Server 2016 Now Generally Available

Comparing CHAR and VARCHAR Types in Different DB Engines

BigBash: Convert SQL SELECTs to Bash One-Liners

Looking Inside The MySQL 5.7 Document Store

Extending The Redis Database

Monitoring Cassandra at Scale




Big Data and the Cloud: Uncover New Insights Hiding in Your Data

Export Redis Snapshots from ElastiCache to Amazon S3

Building an Application with CockroachDB and SQLAlchemy

5 Useful Tips to Make Your Hadoop Deployment Robust

Setting Up Elasticsearch for a Blog

Using Elasticsearch Aggregations for Analytics

Mutating Table Error In Oracle: Why It Happens And What You Can Do About It

Redesigning A Notification System using Postgres

Merging Batch and Stream Processing in a Post Lambda World

ElectroCRUD: A Modern MySQL CRUD Application

libsqlfs: Implements A POSIX-Style Filesystem on top of SQLite

Miniredis: A Pure Go Redis Server, Ideal for Unit Tests

How Netflix Caches App Data Using SSDs



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Apache Spark as a Compiler: Joining a Billion Rows on your Laptop

EnterpriseDB Wraps PostgreSQL Into An Enterprise-Grade Suite to Challenge Oracle

A Look at the Design of SQLite4

TrailDB: An Efficient Library for Storing and Processing Event Data

Unicorn: BigTable, Document and Graph Database with Full Text Search

Benchmarking Elasticsearch vs InfluxDB for Time-Series Data

Understanding Outliers with Skew and Kurtosis in SQL

Efficient Pagination in SQL and ElasticSearch

Monitoring MongoDB Performance Metrics

Scaling to 100M: MySQL is a Better NoSQL




How Spark and Hadoop Are Advancing Cancer Research

Here’s The Slide Deck MySQL Used to Raise $16 Million in 2003

Amazon Redshift Gets Up to 2X Throughput and 10X Vacuuming Performance Improvements

Cray Unveils Open Source ‘Big Data’ Box

Data Types in PostgreSQL

Postgres & Redis Sitting In a Tree

Converting MySQL Syntax and Functions into Redshift

Event Logging with ElasticSearch from the Browser

MySQL By Examples for Beginners

Creating Pivot Tables in PostgreSQL Using the Crosstab Function

How to Move From Amazon RDS to A Dedicated PostgreSQL Server

Is A RID Lookup Faster Than A Key Lookup On SQL Server?

7 Reasons to Choose A File System (SolFS) Over a DB for Managing App Data

SQL and NoSQL Databases Ranked by StackOverflow Activity

countminsketch: An Apporximate Frequency Counter Module for Redis



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OmniDB: An Open Source Web Tool for DB Management

How to Find a DBA Job (Interview with Brent Ozar)

7 Handy SQL Scripts for SQL Developers

BTrDB: Optimizing Storage System Design for Timeseries Processing

Module Hub: A Marketplace for Redis Modules

BigQuery and Dataproc Shine in Independent Big Data Platform Comparison

How to Add A New Keyword to SQL’s Grammar in Postgres




OrientDB v2.2 Released: Improved Security, Performance, Ops and APIs

SqlSmash Now Has A Free Community Version

SQL Vs. NoSQL: What’s The Difference?

Creating Activity Feeds in PostgreSQL 9.5

Hadoop Past, Present, and Future

Apache’s Wacky But Winning Recipe for Big Data Development

Why We Migrated Away From Librato to InfluxDB?

Time Series, The New Shiny?

InfluxDB Markedly Outperforms Elasticsearch in Time-Series Data & Metrics Benchmark

Metabase: An Open Source Way to Share and Query Data Within A Company

pgsync: Sync Postgres Data to Your Local Machine

qb: A Database Toolkit for Go



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Redis 3.2.0 Released with Lots of New Features

Spark 2.0 Technical Preview: Easier, Faster, and Smarter

Discussing SQLite with Richard Hipp

An Open Source Tour de Force at Apache: Big Data 2016

Realm Xamarin: A New Reactive Database for .NET Developers

PostgreSQL Scalability: Towards 1 Million TPS




‘Great to see that my name still causes SQL errors..’

Spark 2.0 Will Be Faster, Easier for App Development, and Tackle Streaming Data

Redis Gaining a Loadable Module System

How to Create a Redis Module in 15 Lines of Code

A Quick Guide to Redis 3.2’s Geo Support

The Basics of Database Transactions

Seldom Used Postgres Functions: bool_or and bool_and

From SQL to Microservices: Integrating AWS Lambda with Relational Databases

SQLUnplugged Chat About SQL Server 2016 GA and SQL on Linux

Bridging NoSQL Databases Into Open Data Science Initiatives

6 Unsung Apache Big Data Projects That Aren’t Spark

Teleport: A Trigger-Based Postgres Replicator Written in Go

membership.db: SQL Boilerplate for User Accounts, Roles & Auth Tokens for Webapp Use



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Going Mainstream: Neo4j and The Future of The Graph Database

Gorilla: Facebook’s Fast In-Memory Time Series Database

Redis Labs and Samsung Collaborating on In-Memory Boost

Understanding Distributed Databases

Hadoop Performance Troubleshooting with Stack Tracing, An Introduction

rqlite V3: Globally Replicating SQLite

mongo-query-to-postgres-jsonb: Converts MongoDB Queries to Postgresql Queries for JSONB Fields




Apache Kafka Gains Traction Among Enterprise Users

Google’s Cloud Dataflow Stomps On Apache Spark in New Benchmark Tests

Microsoft’s Next Version of SQL Server Will Launch June 1

Cassandra Keeps Climbing The Ranks of The DB-Engines Ranking

A First Peek At The Next MongoDB (3.3.5)

Feature Flagging to Mitigate Risk in Database Migration

PostgreSQL Vacuuming: An Introduction for Busy Devs

Coalesce Down using Correlated Subqueries in SQL

Working with Email Addresses in PostgreSQL

Best Practices for Configuring Optimal MySQL Memory Usage

Why Redis Beats Memcached for Caching

SQL-on-Apache Hadoop: Choosing The Right Tool for The Right Job

QuestDB: A Disk-Persisted Lightweight NoSQL DB for Clojure



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10 SQL Tricks That You Didn’t Think Were Possible

What I Learned From Programming Databases

Neo4j Pushes Graph DB Limits Past a Quadrillion Nodes

Managing the New York Stock Exchange with SQL Server

Power Tools: Sorting Through The Crowded Specialized Database Toolbox

Training Firm’s Unexpected Growth Exposes Weakness of Relational Tech

Inside Capacitor, BigQuery’s Next-Gen Columnar Storage Format




Azure SQL Database Now Supports Powerful Geo-Replication Features for All Service Tiers

Neo4j 3.0 Released: Three Top Things to Look For

12 Common Mistakes While Backing Up Databases

How Gitter Saved $600 Per Month with MongoDB Point-in-Time Recoveries

Effective Elasticsearch Plugin Management with Docker

Data Warehouse Modeling: The Snowflake Schema

What PostgreSQL Tells You About Its Performance

A 2 Minute Intro to the MySQL Document Store

Your Technical Documentation Should Be a Graph: Here’s Why

ThingieQuery: An SQL Plugin/IDE for Excel

JetBrains DataGrip: A New IDE for Databases and SQL

Apache Geode: A Real-Time, Consistent Data Management Platform

NoDb: Simple File System Storage for .NET Core

TinyDB: A Lightweight, Pure Python Document Oriented DB

SQLite 3.12.2 Released

SQL to NoSQL: Top 6 Questions Before Making The Move

Migrating 700GB of MySQL Data



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SQL Injection Challenges

Analyzing A Billion Taxi Rides with Google’s BigQuery

Monitoring MySQL Performance Metrics

Firebird 3.0.0 Released

Shift: An App to Run Online Schema MySQL Migrations

Postgres-XL 9.5 R1 Released




Citus Launches New Postgres Database As A Cloud Service

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports 9.5

Analytics Increasingly Seen Embedded in Apps

Solr 6, SolrCloud and SQL Queries

MySQL 5.7.12: A New MySQL Command Line Shell

Building Hypermedia APIs with Apache CouchDB

Secure Signed Cookies with PostgreSQL’s pgcrypto

10 Signs of a Bad Data Scientist

MariaDB 10.2.0 Alpha Now Available

pgBackRest: Reliable PostgreSQL Backup and Restore System

Hadoop Hive and Comparing 11 SQL-on-Hadoop Alternatives



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Analyzing the Panama Papers with Neo4j

Scaling a MySQL Datastore By 20x+ in 3 Weeks

Do GPU Optimized DBs Threaten Oracle, Splunk and Hadoop?

MySQL 5.7.12: Big Steps Forward for MySQL?

How The Guardian Analyzed 70m Comments On Its Site

PostgreSQL Query Optimization




AWS Schema Conversion Tool Now Supports Conversions Between MySQL and PostgreSQL

Securely Modernizing Employee Access Management with Graph Databases

What Does PostgreSQL 9.5 Bring to Developers

Using SQL to Calculate the Popularity (on Stack Overflow) of Derby, H2, and HSQLDB

ElasticSearch Cluster Rolling Restart at the Speed of Light

How We Get High Availability with Elasticsearch and Ruby on Rails

A Developers’ Guide to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Urban Myths About SQL (2015) (slidedeck)

The Unspoken Complexity of NoSQL

Could PostgreSQL 9.5 Be Your Next JSON Database?

Mongoclient: A MongoDB Management Tool

Sqlectron: A Simple DB Client for Postgres, MySQL and SQL Server

PGInsight: CLI Tool to Dig Inside Your Postgres Databases

Corvus: Fast and Lightweight Redis Cluster Proxy for Redis 3.0

gredis: A Redis Server built over grpc

jseg: JavaScript Entity Graph

Data Modeling in Cassandra From A Postgres Perspective

An SQL Joins Visualizer



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ArangoDB: Polyglot Persistence Without Cost

A Free Data Generation Tool for Creating Test Data

MUMPS: The Most Important Database You (Probably) Never Heard Of

Managing Data Storage with Blockchain and BigchainDB

Chronicle Map: Replicate Your Key Value Store Across Your Network

Getting Started with Graph Databases

Academic Paper on ZeroDB, a Fully Encrypted Database System




PostgreSQL Conference US is in 2 Weeks

Interview with the Author of ‘SQL Antipatterns’

Reporter’s Notebook: 6 Key Takeaways from Strata + Hadoop World

What End of Support for SQL Server 2005 Means for You

Database Surge Led by Analytics Apps, Survey Finds

The Real-Time Rise of Apache Kafka

PipelineDB Persistence with Flocker and Docker Swarm

Hacking Redis To Save Money

ETL Journey from Oracle to Postgres

Lessons Learned From A Year Of Elasticsearch In Production

PostgreSQL Bloat: Origins, Monitoring and Managing

Four Different Ways to Handle SQLite Concurrency

Accelerate JSON in Spark SQL

RethinkDB 2.3: User Accounts, Network Encryption, Windows Support

A Place to Learn Oracle, No Setup Required

LiteDB: A .NET NoSQL Document Store in A Single Data File

tikv: A Distributed Key Value Store Powered by Rust

RQLite 2.0: A Replicated SQLite Database



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Elastic Gives ElasticSearch a Graph Query Engine

Caravel: Airbnb’s Data Exploration Platform

How Neo4j Saved my Relationship

Citus Unforks From PostgreSQL, Goes Open Source

SQL: How to Create An Execution Plan

What is Blockchain?

Analyzing A Billion Taxi Rides in PostgreSQL




SQL Server Developer Edition Is Now Included for Free with Visual Studio Dev Essentials

CockroachDB Skitters into Beta

Machine Learning Templates with SQL Server 2016 R Services

SQLite 3.12.0 Released

Learn to Live with Apache Hive in 12 Easy Steps

Five Ways to Paginate in Postgres, From The Basic to The Exotic

How to Validate User Input in A NoSQL Web Application

PipelineDB Persistence with Flocker and Docker Swarm

A Simple Guide To Building Reports Using SQL Server Reporting Services

Why You Should (Sometimes) Use MongoDB

To SQL or NoSQL? That’s The Database Question

Picking The Right Caching Tier for Your Database

How NoSQL Graph Databases Still Usurp Relational Dynasties

Mrs. Null: These Unlucky People Have Names That Break Computers



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