T2.Nano Instances Now Available on EC2

Hosting Multiple Apps On A Single Domain with Heroku

Cloudcraft: Draw Diagrams of AWS Infrastructure

Codenvy’s Tyler Jewell on Codenvy and Containers

The Next Generation of Managed MySQL Offerings On Cloud SQL

Migrating Mountains of Big Data to AWS

The Definitive Guide to Ruby Heap Dumps, Part II

Autodesk Launches 3D Cloud Development Platform

Taking Let’s Encrypt for a Spin

Background Sync: A New Web API from Google

SqlPad: A Web App for Running SQL Queries and Visualizing The Results


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The Next Steps of The Arduino Create Betatesting

Encrypted EBS Boot Volumes on AWS

IBM Encourages Development of Cloud-based Apps for First Responders

EC2 Run Command Update – Now Available for Linux Instances

Oracle’s Cloud Revenues Keep Rising As Costs Taper Off

New: Managed NAT (Network Address Translation) Gateway for AWS

Amazon Adopts SAWS’s Features into aws-shell

How to Use The Microsoft Azure Cloud On The NetBeans IDE

Using CloudWatch to Monitor AWS S3 Buckets

Creating a Histogram in Redshift

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

Build 3D CSS Transforms Without Coding

Caddy 0.8: Automatic HTTPS for Your Sites / Apps

Botkit: A Toolkit for Making Slack Bot Applications



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The Amazon Web Services Price List API

The Serverless Start-up: Down with Servers

Is The Cloud The Safest Place For Your Critical Databases?

Codenvy Gains Improved JS Editing, Git Menu and Che Functionality

What GitHub Pages, CloudFlare and AWS Lambda Have in Common

Amazon Route 53 Traffic Flow: Global Traffic Management in the Cloud

AWS Lambda: “Occasionally Reliable Caching”

How We Moved From Heroku To Containers With No Docker Experience

SSH2: SSH for EC2, SSH to Your EC2 Instance Instantly


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Elastic Joins Azure Marketplace As It Strengthens Relationship With Microsoft

Nokia, ARM, Enea Craft New TCP/IP Stack for the Cloud

The Guardian Goes All-In On AWS Public Cloud After OpenStack ‘Disaster’

Now Available on EC2: Dedicated Hosts

Managing State across an Ant Swarm of AWS Lambda Tasks

Running Network Constrained Applications on EC2

Using ES6 on AWS Lambda

Creating Your Own EC2 Spot Market: Part 2

How to Use AWS Elasticsearch for Log Management

Top 10 Performance Tuning Techniques for Amazon Redshift

AWS Lambda Makes Serverless Applications A Reality

Glacier Costlier than S3 for Small Files

No, Containers Are Not The Future of The Cloud

PostgreSQL Studio 2.0 Released

Demeter: Security Group Management For AWS

Tools for Debugging, Testing and Using HTTP/2

heroku-buildpack-swift: A Swift 2.2 Buildpack for Heroku

S3/CloudFront Plugin for the Let’s Encrypt Client



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AWS Device Farm Update – Test Web Apps on Mobile Devices

Benchmarking Cloud Provider Performance

3 Simple Ways of Saving Up to 90% of EC2 Costs

Analyzing AWS Price Drops over the Past 5 Years

Disrupting DevOps: A Market Map of the Container Ecosystem

1M Requests Per Second: Dependable and Dynamic Distributed Systems at Scale

Microsoft Revamps Its Developer Tools with A New Cloud Focus

Docker Reveals a Universal Control Plane for Containerized Applications

Cloud Native Continuous Delivery With Netflix Spinnaker

Migrating the Monolith


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Google Cloud Revenue Could Be Bigger Than Ads

RDS PostgreSQL Now Supports Point-and-click Upgrade From 9.3 to 9.4

Private Preview: Running Apache JMeter Load Tests in The Cloud

CloudFlare Is Now PCI 3.1 Certified

Migrating from Heroku and Postgres to Dokku on DigitalOcean

Running Rust Code on AWS Lambda

Optimizing MySQL for High Concurrency on Amazon RDS

MariaDB vs MySQL on Amazon’s AWS RDS

Every App Developer Should Move Their Config to The Cloud. Here’s Why

Bitfusion Profiler: A Tool to Benchmark App Performance Across Clouds




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Heroku Style Application Deployments with Docker

AWS Plans To Launch A UK Region By The End Of 2016

StubOnWeb: Tool to Quickly Create Mock, Live Webhooks

How Containers Are Disrupting Devops

My Go IDE in a Container

Heroku and Passenger: Focus On The App Performance

Stashboard: The Open Source Status Dashboard

Big Rig: A Tool to Analyse Tracing Data of How Your Page Loads

Compute: Amazon Lambda-Inspired Platform on Rubinius

A Look At Firefox Developer Edition 44


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CloudFlare Announces Universal DNSSEC: Secure DNS for Every Domain

Amazon DynamoDB Console Redesigned

Ruby 2.3.0 Preview 1 Released

Support for Self-managed Oracle RAC On Amazon EC2

Receiving AWS IoT Messages in Your Browser using WebSockets

Using AWS Lambda and API Gateway to Create A Serverless Schedule

Service Workers: Dynamic Responsive Images using WebP Images

Measuring the Performance of Single Page Web Applications

Remote Debugging Node.js with DevTools




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Cloud Development Weekly No.29



Making Manageable Microservices on AWS

WebPageTest: Site Performance Test Tool, Now With Real 3G

The Simple Way to Scrape an HTML Table: Google Docs

How Containers Are Disrupting Devops

How Heroku Migrated to ActiveRecord 4

How CenterEdge Went From Black Friday Blues to Cloud Scale with Couchbase

Rubinius Unveils ‘Analyst’ for Live Ruby Code Monitoring

How Shopify Scales to Handle High Traffic Flash Sales

HTML5 on the Rise: No Longer Ahead Of Its Time



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Docker 1.9 Released: Production-Ready Swarm and Multi-Host Networking

In the Works – An AWS Region in South Korea

In the Works – An AWS Region in South Korea

How to Turn an Old Laptop Into a Chromebook with CloudReady

Your First Offline Web App

How Amazon Took Control of The Cloud

ResponsiveVoice.js: Cross-Platform Text-to-Speech

Online HTTP Security Report Tool

Stashboard: The Open Source Status Dashboard

Alive v1.0 Released: A ‘Live Coding’ Tool for Visual Studio




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Cloud Development Weekly No.28



Disrupting DevOps: A Market Map of the Container Ecosystem

Heroku + Parse: Flexible Platform Meets Feature-Rich SDKs

Emulambda: A Local Emulator for AWS Lambda

Securing AWS Credentials on Engineer’s Machines

Speed with Ease – NoSQL on the Google Cloud Platform

Douglas Crockford Unveils the Seif Project



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Oracle Launches Elastic Compute Cloud, 9 Years After Amazon Debuted EC2

The Cloud Is Raining Cash on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft

Beta Release of Google Cloud Debugger for Go

Amazon RDS Update – Cross-Account Snapshot Sharing

New EC2 Run Command – Remote Instance Management at Scale

Migrating Prod Services to AWS Elastic Beanstalk Without Downtime

Building an RSS bot for Telegram with AWS Lambda

Running Go Applications on Azure App Service

Heroku Style Application Deployments with Docker

Ask HN: What Are The Alternatives to Amazon Lambda?

Monitoring 100 Servers With a $5/month Node

Fabio: A Zero-Conf Load Balancing HTTP Router for Deploying Microservices



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Cloud Development Weekly No.27



Awesome AWS: Curated List of Amazon Web Services Resources

Requestdiff: Sends Two HTTP Requests and Visualizes Differences

Heroku Is No Longer The Hobbyist’s Friend?

Oracle Live SQL: SQL Documentation and Tutorials from Oracle

Heroku PostgreSQL vs. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

The Construct: Robot Simulations in The Cloud

Heroku Proxying becomes Free Software

241 Videos from Amazon Web Services’ re:Invent Event

The Custom Gear Inside Amazon’s Cloud

AWS Import/Export: Cloud Data Transfer Services



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Dell and Microsoft Team Up for Azure-based Hybrid Cloud Service

Reviewed: Dell Chromebook 13 Strikes Fine Balance Between Price and Power

HP Shutting Down HP Helion Public Cloud

Building a Simple Node.js Server on Scaleway

Here’s A Sign That Amazon’s $7bn Cloud Business Is Crushing Its Competition

Why Use RDS Instead of Running a Database on EC2?

Should We Move to AWS and Keep Ourselves Cloud Agnostic?

AWS Lambda and the Serverless Cloud




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Cloud Development Weekly No.26

简介:Amazon Inspector –自动安全评估服务…




Amazon Inspector – An Automated Security Assessment Service

Walmart To Open Source Its ‘OneOps’ Cloud Technology

Debugging a Ruby Memory Leak on Heroku

EC2 Spot Blocks for Defined-Duration Workloads

Accelerated Mobile Pages: A New Approach to Web Performance

Using Go with AWS Lambda

Lambda Complex: Build and Deploy Node.js Apps Built From AWS Lambda Functions

OAuth Has Ruined Everything


In brief


Cloud Computing Finally Gets Some Startups

Amazon QuickSight: Fast & Easy to Use Business Intelligence for Big Data

PubNub Expands Series C To $25M, Banks On IoT To Boost Business On Its Messaging Network

AWS Database Migration Service

GitHub Enterprise 2.4 Now Available

Salesforce’s App Cloud Gives Developers A Unified PaaS

Scaling WordPress with HHVM on Heroku

How to Set Up Amazon Cloud/AWS Elastic Beanstalk On The NetBeans IDE

Protecting Your AWS Website From a DDoS Attack



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Cloud Development Weekly No.25



Google Cloud Shell: A Command Line Environment in the Cloud

Coming Soon – EC2 Dedicated Hosts

Codetainer: A Docker Container in Your Browser

A Chat With Tyler Jewell on Why Leaders Need DevOps

The End of Safe Harbor and a Scary Path Forward

AWS WAF: A Web Application Firewall from Amazon

Meteor Announces Meteor Galaxy


In brief


Microsoft Beating IBM, Oracle, and SAP in The Cloud

Amazon Launches ‘Elasticsearch Service’ (ES)

Swisscom extends its Cloud offering with PaaS based on Cloud Foundry

EC2 Instance Update – X1 (SAP HANA) & T2.Nano (Websites)

Scaling WordPress with HHVM on Heroku

Containerized Testing for Node Applications

Cloud Native MySQL Sharding with Vitess and Kubernetes

Is The Tech Industry Scaring Off Cloud Customers?

Nomad: Distributed, Highly Available, Datacenter-Aware Scheduler

Tempgres: Temporary PostgreSQL Databases On Demand

VCS Repository Management for Go



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Cloud Development Weekly No.24



Wide: Web-based IDE for Teams using the Go Language

Uber Goes Unconventional: Using Driver Phones as a Backup Datacenter

An Online Java Course for Kids, Taught Via Minecraft

Receive and Process Incoming Email with Amazon SES

Introduction to EC2 Container Service

Supercharged: A New Web Performance Video Series

Otto: The Successor to Vagrant

Embed Node.js on any Website (with Tonic)


In brief


GitHub Improves Organization Permissions

Microsoft Launches Azure Container Service with Mesosphere DCOS, Drawing its Distinction with Google

Microsoft’s Cloud Chief On The State of The Market

Elastic Beanstalk Update – Support for Java and Go

Containers Everywhere! Getting Started with Docker

Docker Basics Q+A: Understanding Union Filesystems, Storage and Volumes

A Brief Comparison of Mesos and Kubernetes

Microservices Platform Management with Giant Swarm

In-Country Storage of Personal Data

Compare Speed Tests between 2 Different Websites

Thaumaturgy: Build Node.js packages in AWS Lambda using AWS Lambda



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