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Real-World HTTP/2: 400GB of Images Per Day

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Has The Adoption of Containers Stalled?

Skype Finalizes Its Move to The Cloud, Ignores The Elephant in The Room

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Getting A Network Trace From A Single Application (on Linux)

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From Pet to Cattle – Running Sonar on Kubernetes

Moving a Node.js app from PaaS to Kubernetes Tutorial

3 Easy Web Performance Wins for Designers

Web Performance and the Impact of SPDY, HTTP/2 and QUIC: Part 5

http2-push-detect: Lists HTTP/2 Pushes When Requesting a URL

aq: Query AWS Resources with SQL

lua-resty-auto-ssl: Let’s Encrypt SSL Reg and renewal inside OpenResty/NGINX

Biscuit: A Multi-Region HA Key-Value Store for AWS Infrastructure Secrets



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