How to Upgrade a Node Module The Right Way

How Netflix Scales with Node and Containers

Debugging Node.js Applications

A TDD Approach to Building a Todo API Using Node and MongoDB

Node.js Foundation Announces Keynotes for Node.js Interactive Europe


In brief


Node v4.4.7 (LTS) Released

Here’s Johnny, Introducing the Johnny-Five Inventor’s Kit

Nodevember: A 2 Day Node Conference in Nashville, Nov 20-21

AdonisJs 3.0 Released

Building a Review App with Ionic 2, MongoDB and Node

Developing Desktop Apps with Electron and Bozon

How to Unit Test Mongoose Models: The Definitive Guide

alfred-npms: Alfred 3 Workflow to Search for npm Packages with

HolyJS: A Node Project Starter/Boilerplate

env-paths: Get Paths for Storing Things Like Data, Config, Cache, etc.

Iterall: Minimal No-Dependency Utilities for using Iterables in JS Environments

mongoose-named-scopes: Define Chainable, Composable Queries

Node-Data: A Generic Interface to SQL, NoSQL, and Graph Entities

Tennu: An IRC Bot Framework for Node

simple-postgres: A Minimal Postgres Interface for Node

fast-memoize.js: The ‘Fastest Possible’ JS Memoization Library

WarriorJS: Learn ES6 While Playing A Game

Generative Art with Node.js and Canvas



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