Reindexing 36bn Documents in 5 Days on an Elasticsearch Cluster

All About Indexes: The Very Basics

Say No to Venn Diagrams When Explaining JOINs

MySQL 8.0 to Be the Next Major Release of MySQL

Kueri: A Natural Language Interface to SQL

Redis-Commander: A Webapp for Managing a Redis Database




InfluxDB Tops Cassandra in Time-Series Data and Metrics Benchmark

Reindexing Elasticsearch with Zero Downtime

Implementing a Neural Network in SQL

Autoscaling MySQL for Massive Datasets

Building WePay’s Data Warehouse using BigQuery and Airflow

Finding and Killing Long Running Queries On PostgreSQL

The Evolution of Apache Spark: Journey of Spark in 1.x Series

Introduction to Spark 2.0

An Interview about RavenDB on the NoSQL Podcast

A Full Comparison of Redshift and BigQuery

Thinking in SQL vs Thinking in Python

The Performance Characteristics of MySQL on Docker

SparkADMM: A Massively-Parallel Framework for Solving Big Data Problems

EclairJS: Access Apache Spark from Node.js



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