Security Releases: Node 5.12.0, 4.4.6, 0.12.15 & 0.10.46

A Proposal for Unambiguous JavaScript Grammar

Lessons from Analysing 1.65M Versions of npm Modules

The 5 Dimensions of an npm Dependency

Dealing with Problematic Dependencies in A Restricted Network Environment

A Denial of Service Vuln Affecting Express.js


In brief


npm Repository Passes 300,000 Total Packages

Introducing Nova: A New Kind of Back-End for React Apps

Express.js 4.14.0 Released

Node v6.2.2 (Current) Released

Integration Testing of a Dockerized Angular App

Run npm Scripts in a Git pre-commit Hook

Scaling A WebSocket Application With RabbitMQ

Getting Started with JavaScript Robotics

Introducing Queues in Node.js

Apple Pay Merchant Session Server

Calibre-Serve: A Node.js Calibre (E-Book Reader) API and Server

gitkit-js: A Pure JS Implementation of Git

Kakapo.js: A Next Gen HTTP Mocking Framework

dbq: Terse node-mysql Query Wrapper That Supports Parallel + Series Execution

emoj: Find Relevant Emojis From Text on the Command Line



本文:June 24, 2016发布


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