ECMAScript 2016 (aka ES7) Language Spec Published

Ignite: A Head Start for React Native Apps

Building a Lambda Calculus Interpreter in JavaScript

A Look Back at React Europe in 6 Talks

Will Angular 2 Take Off?

A Proposal for Unambiguous JavaScript Grammar

An Introduction to TypeScript: Static Typing for the Web


In brief


Be Warned About This Crazy JIT Bug in V8

JS Performance Updates in Microsoft Edge and Chakra

Introducing Nova: A New Kind of Back-End for React Apps

Aurelia Release Candidate Released

Introducing JavaScriptCore’s New Sampling Profiler

Everything I Know About The ‘Script’ Tag

Creating Trello-Like Card Dragging with Angular Dragula

10 Cool Things You Can Do with CodePen and JavaScript

A Look at Angular Router

Run npm Scripts in a Git pre-commit Hook

15 Ways to Write Self-Documenting JavaScript

Realtime App Development with RethinkDB and React Native

A 20 Minute Screencast on Setting Up a React and Webpack Project

12 Books Every JavaScript Developer Should Read

Aurelia vs Angular (1.x): A Feature by Feature Comparison

Migrating A 10,000-line Legacy JavaScript Codebase to TypeScript

react-enroute: A React Router with a Small Footprint for Modern Browsers

promise-log: A Shortcut for console.log-ing Your Promises

chillout.js: Reduce CPU Usage with Promise-Based Asynchronous Iterators

Picla: jQuery Plugin That Converts alt Text into Image Labels

Algolia Places: Give Any ‘input’ Address Autocompletion

FlatPickr: Light and Powerful Date/Time-Picker with No Dependencies



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