Chrome’s DevTools in 2016 and Beyond

Computer Says NO to HTML5 Document Outline

jQuery 3.0 Final Released

Recreating the Theremin with JS and the Web Audio API

Bringing Apple Pay to the Web

Improving CSS Quality At Facebook and Beyond

Memory Debugging with WebKit’s Web Inspector

Where The Web Is Going In 2016


In brief


What’s New in Chromium 51 and Opera 38

What’s New in Safari 10 for Web Developers

Google Fonts Site Gets Major Update

Firefox 47 for Developers

Next Steps for Legacy Plug-ins in Safari

How z-index and Auto Margins Work in Flexbox

Using The HTML ‘lang’ Attribute

Performance Observer: Efficient Access to Performance Data

Building Real-Time Apps with WebSockets and Server-Sent Events

Building a WebRTC Video Chat Application with PeerJS

Faster Rendering on the Web

WebGL, Blending, and Why You’re Probably Doing it Wrong

7 PostCSS Plugins to Ease You into PostCSS

css-grid-inspector: Firefox Extension to See Grid Lines Created by CSS Grid

plyr: A Simple HTML5 YouTube and Vimeo Player

A Novel Interactive Customer Feedback Form



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