Heroku Announces Free SSL Beta and Flexible Dyno Hours

HyperDev: A Node-Powered Rapid Online Development Environment

Market Map for Container Technologies [PDF]

Google BigQuery Gets Beta Standard SQL Support

AWS Unveils ‘X1’ Instances for EC2 with 2TB RAM

lambda-comments: Use AWS Lambda to Host Your Blog’s Comments

Ruby on Google App Engine Goes Beta

Go on the Cloud with Andrew Gerrand and Chris Broadfoot


In brief


Introducing Google Container Engine ‘Node Pools’

From SQL to Microservices: Integrating AWS Lambda with Relational Databases

Save on S3 Costs with an Abort Multipart Lifecycle Policy

Getting Started with LXC On A Scaleway Cloud Server

Running Go on a Chromebook in Dev Mode (without Installing Linux)

Using Amazon Auto Scaling with Stateful Applications

Deploying Django + Python 3 + PostgreSQL to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

How to Move From Amazon RDS to A Dedicated PostgreSQL Server

AWS vs, Why One Company Left AWS

The AWS Tax and the Innovator’s Dilemma

AWS Fuzzy Finder: SSH Into EC2 Instances using Fuzzy Search

Gordon: Create, Wire and Deploy AWS Lambdas using CloudFormation



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