IBM Launches Quantum Computing As A Cloud service

ServerlessConf: A Conference for Lambda / Serverless Architectures

How to Scale Down Gracefully with AWS Lambda and HAProxy

Release Notes: Eclipse Che and Codenvy 4.2.0

Getting Towards Real Sandbox Containers

Postgres 9.5 Now The Default on Heroku

Heroku Review Apps Now Generally Available

Best Practice for HTTP2 Front-End Deployments


In brief


Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Now Supports 9.5

Citus Launches New Postgres Database As A Cloud Service

Empty DDoS Threats: Meet the Armada Collective

Using NGINX on Heroku to Serve Single Page Apps and Avoid CORS

Automatic Replacement of Autoscaling Nodes with Equivalent Spot Instances

How to Avoid Storing Security Credentials On GitHub

Building Enterprise Level Apps on AWS Lambda with the DEEP Framework

Codeless API Reshaping with AWS API Gateway

How to Avoid Storing Security Credentials On GitHub

Zombies Eating Your AWS Bill?

AWS Device Farm: Remote Access to Devices for Interactive Testing



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