How HTTP/2 Is Changing Web Performance Best Practices

Introducing Dynamic Modules in NGINX 1.9.11

Scaling Zapier to Automate Billions of Tasks

Google Quietly Launches Its Answer to AWS Lambda

Automated, Heroku-like Deployments with Docker and Drone

ngx_mruby: A Ruby-Based Web Server Extension Mechanism for NGINX

How to Configure Rate-Based Blacklisting with AWS WAF and AWS Lambda

Scaling A Startup Using DynamoDB: The Pros and Cons




HashiConf EU 2016 – June 13-15 in Amsterdam

GitHub Pages Custom Domain with SSL/TLS

Creating a Content Security Policy (CSP) from Scratch

How CPU Load Averages Work (and Using Them to Triage Web Server Performance)

How We Monitor and Run Elasticsearch at Scale

Large Scale CSS Refactoring at trivago

7 Steps to Choosing The Right DevOps Tools

3 Reasons AWS Lambda Is Not Ready for Prime Time

5+ CDN Optimizations Worth Every Business’s Consideration

Online Brotli Test Tool: Brotli Compression Check

dns-validator: Security Tool to Detect DNS Poisoning Attacks

AWS Latency Tool: Find The Fastest AWS Region From Your Location

git-s3-push: Deploy A Git Repo to an S3 Bucket

deepstream.io: A Scalable Server for Realtime Web Apps

Need a Parse Service Alternative? Try the New Bitnami Parse Self-Hosted Server

SocketCluster: A Scalable Framework for Realtime Apps and Microservices

Maltrail: Malicious Traffic Detection System

mkonion: Create A Tor Onion Service for Existing Docker Containers

High-Availability at Massive Scale: Building Google’s Data Infrastructure for Ads [PDF]



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